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Smash Ski Conditioning, mogul skiing and mincing!

The International Retail Group came out to the chalet this week, which means less drinking, more skiing and more French!  Their flight from Brussels was delayed by 5 hours because French Air Traffic Controllers were striking.  Apparently the French IKEA … Continue reading

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Skiing in Verbier!

It’s been a hectic week.  The chalet has kept me busy with the girls out till 5 in the morning, and the young ones up for boarding at 9!  Needless to say, I didn’t join the girls on their social … Continue reading

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Back To Verbier

So I’m back in Verbier.  And, as a well-known fast-food chain might say, I’m lovin’ it. It’s stunning here at the moment: clear blues skies, snow down to the valley floor and a light haze in the air giving the … Continue reading

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What Happens in Tasmania…

Whilst writing the script for the documentary promo, I’ve taken to looking through some of the notes from my travels.  Whilst many are superlative-filled attempts at describing what I’d been up to, I came across this gem from December 2006. … Continue reading

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Making Good Programmes about India: Building on Channel 4’s Indian Winter Season

So Channel 4’s Indian Winter season met with some pretty harsh critical reviews: Overall, I feel the author’s viewpoint has some truth to it: the season didn’t show much of interest about India as a whole: it was less … Continue reading

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Ski conditioning: Training for Performance and Injury Prevention

I’ve spent some time recently looking at the causes of injuries in skiing and how to prevent them. This comes from my time coaching and playing rugby.  Rugby has a very different mentality when it comes to training and conditioning … Continue reading

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My Last South Asian Adventure: Sri Lanka

On my way back from New Zealand in 2007, I stopped off in Sri Lanka.  There were two main reasons for this: 1)  I used to go out with an half-Sri Lankan girl who raved about how gorgeous the country … Continue reading

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Getting down to the Indian promo

After a few weeks of hard work finding funding and the next step in the process, Julian and I are putting together the shooting schedule for the Crowns, Curries and Cricket promo! Here’s the link, with a short test-video outlining … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Well, after huge demand (!) it’s finally up!  A blog documenting the development of the Indian documentary project as well as the ski conditioning and injury prevention training. Things will be added and updated at a rapid pace as the … Continue reading

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