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My First Video Commission.

KT are enormously happy with the film: it is far easier to watch than anything they have produced before, making it much easier to share, and resulting in a much higher view-rate from clients. Commercially, it is producing great results too. Continue reading

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6 Easy Tips for Getting Into The Outdoors

Overall though, it’s just about giving it a try – getting out there and enjoying our wonderful environment. Yes, you might get cold and wet; but believe me, that’s half the thrill. Continue reading

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An Unexpected Internship: Navigation and Mountain Training with Secret Compass

With stories of SAS challenges ringing in our ears, we climbed Pen Y Fan, but rather than complete the gruelling Fan Dance, we took a lovely route out as the sun set and camped out in a forest block for the night. Continue reading

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Jez Butterworth’s Jerusalem

The play is an exploration of belonging and Englishness – the theme of modern Englishness captured me – soul-less housing estates, disenfranchised youths, bureaucratic council officers – what is England? Byron’s character taps into a sense of mystery and longing for something more interesting than the meaningless of existence that simmers beneath the surface of modern life; it taps into the hunger for mythos rather than the logos that society tells us should be the only concern. Continue reading

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Doug Allan – Frozen Planet Cameraman. Top Tips for Filming Wildlife in the Arctic.

The other day, I was fortunate enough to meet Doug Allan at the Royal Geographical Society. Doug is about to receive the Second Bar for his Polar Medal. Which basically means he’s spent a ridiculous amount of time in the Polar regions. He said, “If you ever go once, expect to go back. The environment is so pure, the light is incredible. It’s so vast and scary, but absolutely beautiful – you can’t really imagine it.” Continue reading

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This Is My Winter – A Review

The heart of what makes this film so good is that it tells a story: it’s an ob-doc, not just ski-porn. Continue reading

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Channel 4’s Global Entrepreneurship Week

Simply being able to meet others in the same position (or who once were), to reassure yourself that you’re not the only one suffering setbacks, is extremely reassuring. Continue reading

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