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Walking The Nile With Levison Wood

In June/July 2014, I joined Levison Wood for the Sudan leg of his Walking The Nile expedition. Due to security restrictions, we had to cross the Bayuda Desert at the edge of the Sahara. I wrote the article up for Etihad Inflight Magazine, and you can read it here. Continue reading

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How To Film An Expedition

But how does one film one’s adventures in the first place? Camera work is a huge field, with masses of terminology and kit to get your head around, let alone thinking about filming a story, constructing a sequence or planning shots. Most adventurers can barely afford their own expeditions, so paying for a camera-man is out of the question. How, then, does a budding explorer-presenter take his first step into the world of media? Continue reading

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What Makes a Good Pitch For a Travel Article? Take a NAP

NAP will help you construct a story. But remember that unique content, good writing and a good story will be your strongest factors in winning a commission. Continue reading

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Daring Dynamos and Freeze 2011

These guys are really impressive and have come up with an excellent idea. I’m inspired. Continue reading

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Adventure Film Festival 2011

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, challenge, wonder or emotion; snow, or rock; fire-engine or bicycle; there’s something for everyone at the Adventure Film Festival 2011. So jump on the website and see what’s showing near you. Some of these films may never be shown publicly again, so catch them whilst you can! Continue reading

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The Adventurists’ Film Festival at the Royal Geographic Society

We then had a break, on the lawn of the RGS, playing Siamese croquet (having not played much standard croquet I am afraid that I am unaware as to how the Siamese aspect plays a part!) just outside the Map Room. It was a great venue to chat to fellow Adventurists, knowing that it was here that some of the world’s great achievements had been planned, with portraits of Hillary and Livingstone looking down, and a huge model of the Everest massif in the corner. Continue reading

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