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Sparking Your Fire: Ian Wharton on Creativity

I’ve wanted to write an article about creativity for a while: how does one nurture it; what working environments help; what blocks it?  But until a chance encounter one winter’s eve, I was at a loss about how to approach such … Continue reading

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How To Film An Expedition

But how does one film one’s adventures in the first place? Camera work is a huge field, with masses of terminology and kit to get your head around, let alone thinking about filming a story, constructing a sequence or planning shots. Most adventurers can barely afford their own expeditions, so paying for a camera-man is out of the question. How, then, does a budding explorer-presenter take his first step into the world of media? Continue reading

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Top Tips For Composing Shots For Broadcast and Online Video

The variables include how close you are to your subject, how zoomed in you are to the subject, how much of the picture is in focus, what else you include in your shot and where you position your subject within the shot. Continue reading

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